I’m A Multidisciplinary

Product Designer

Crafting interfaces, animations and digital products with intelligent user experiences.

Visual Experience Designer From Sweden. Crafting Interfaces & User Experiences.

Currently a product designer at Fantasy Interactive in San Francisco, California. Alumni from Hyper Island business school and running my own business Wellgraf since 2010.

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Years Of Experience

I have previous experience as independent contractor, web designer, graphic designer, print designer, Interface designer, User experience designer & Motion designer.


Social Followers

I enjoy the challenging landscape of being present on Social Media with constant growing connections. I’m a people person and value to build a community around my passions.

I'm Passionate To Craft Intuitive Interfaces

Friendo is a service and app that simplifies the way we create, manage and attend personal events. This is the new web experience.

Mobile Is What's Up

I enjoy building mobile solutions and platform focused experiences. Curious to challenge our current digital landscape and set more human and intuitive interactions as new standards.

I set things in motion

We are in a digital age where much is flat, minimalistic and a bit the same as everything else. I believe that UI animations enhances experiences and distinguish products from the mass.

I Believe In The Details

Zooming in to 2000% to see every single pixel there is, having my head almost touching the screen after approaching it closer and closer and pushing work forward until details are sharp and stunning. Striving to get every pixel right, all numbers equal, everything with proper alignment and consistent visual treatments.

I Love To Think And Create In Systems

To create something that can grow, expand, evolve. Let’s use any adjective here. Systems that are powerful, appealing, interesting and well crafted from the very first piece. Responsive sketch symbols, benchmarked component sizes, accessibility proofed etc.

I Believe In Iterative Processes

Investigating multiple solutions to a certain problem or component.
Iterating over and over until my Mac can’t handle the file size anymore
to find the best solution to be implemented.


I’m thinking, reflecting and doing every day

Sharing my thoughts, reflections and ideas through every day insights

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4th September 2017

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19th April 2017

How I would be as a project manager

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14th April 2017

Happy Birthday Dad and Thank You for the mindset

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