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For the past months now, I’ve been sharing designs and animations on the theme of automotive. We’re talking cars of many, different flow of interactions, profile layouts of people who drive cars, destinations to drive at, browsing of race tracks, explorative layouts, messaging layouts and the list goes on. To begin with, automotive is so much more than just vehicles for me. This is something that can, apart from giving you incredible freedom and mobility, contain passion, hard work, creativity, personality, and memories. This whole subject is flourished by a very special memory of mine that I will never forget and that got me dedicated to staying on this theme for my design and motion work for quite some time.

Getting my very first car

It was a great spring season back home in Sweden and my hometown, the easter was approaching and everybody started the countdown until summer for real. I was about to get my very first car with my dad. After incredible negotiating skills from dad and him only, we returned home in one car each. It was a black Audi A4. By far the most incredible car in the world if you compare but to me it truly was. This vehicle could now take me wherever I wanted and create new memories attached to this special moment.

Mine and my mom’s almost identical cars. My sister also got an Audi so we clearly went all in for the German cars.

Detailed car specifications

190 hp / 240 Nm

– Original 1.8 L Turbo
– Double exhaust at the back
– 6-speed drawer
– Silver lacquered valve cover

190 hp 240 Nm

– Factory-made 30mm
– Downcoat skirts

Zito Milano 18 ”
245 / 45-18

– 2s 6-9: or + built boxes
– 1st JBL 1000w tube tube
– JVC car stereo

– Custom chrome front
– Chrome-rails
– Chrome details
– Larger stainless steel double exhaust
– Pro-sport entry, thresholds
– Tinted windows
– Company logo in the rear window

I knew nothing about cars but my dad knew it all

My background of all this at the time was close to unexistent and I was about to enter a whole new world of terminologies, craft, and excitement. This was the opposite to my dad’s. During his entire life (apart from much else that I can’t cover in one single post) he was working with cars, motorcycles, property renovations and general craftsmanship for both himself and for others. He had a skillset of many and what he couldn’t do, he figured out a way to master. He were always eager to learn, develop and become better at what he did. He flew to the states with my mom to pick up some Lincolns to then bring them back home to Sweden to extend them to Limousines. After some time, he had built 5 of them which he then started a Limousine service, serving celebrities, events and occasions with. It doesn’t stop there. He brought home Volkswagen Beetles, buses, motorcycles, trikes, even extended a Rolls Royce while he was at it. My dad created such incredible vehicles and with such focus on detail and finish. He never wanted to finish something half done, neither what everyone else was doing. He did his own thing, something I’m very inspired and empowered by every single day.

I wanted to learn and embrace everything my dad had

My background was slightly different than my dad’s, with a big focus on graphic design at first which later developed into web design, interface design, user experience, and motion. At first, when I was younger, I wasn’t very interested in my dad’s areas of expertise. I didn’t saw the excitement and neither was I open to learning it at that time. I was stuck in my own game so that I missed out on probably one of the biggest gold mine ever of knowledge. With time, this changed to the very opposite for me and an everyday highlight then became to spend time in the garage working together. I learned how to change rims, tires, brakes, suspension, motor parts, electric components, exterior bodywork, headlights, vinyl wrapping, exhaust system, speaker system and so on.

I didn’t got enough time with my dad

This was a lot of new things to take in but there was always so much more to learn. But unfortunately, I didn’t get more time. I lost my dad after years of difficult struggle with Cancer, now almost 3 years ago. This brings us to today. I’m now occupied in a hectic San Francisco, far away from Sweden where my mom and twin sister remains with connections between us more difficult by nature. I miss dad. I wanted to experience everything with him. Driving here alongside fantastic Highway 1 and the Pacific Ocean and take in every moment. I wanted to join him for exciting car adventures and next projects. He was always hungry for more and I can really feel that same hunger. But here I am, trying to enjoy everything for both of us. It’s exhausting, emotional at times but particularly motivating. I get almost all my drive and energy from the thoughts of my dad and his desire to never give up on dreams and success. If he would read this post, I’m sure that he would smile and see what I tried to put together. I didn’t even put in all the names of his vehicle photos and most of his own favorites are most likely missing. Grammar or storytelling here is unlikely on point because just didn’t want to obscure my words by correcting everything so instead I just wrote straight from my mind.

Turning my projects into energy from memories

This is the reason why I’m currently in the theme of automotive. Many of the greatest memories with my dad is from working together on our car projects, learning from each other’s personalities, strengths/weaknesses, and getting even stronger together. Cars simply remind me of my dad, so the way I keep learning now is by building up projects around it. For every piece I create, I do research on the areas, models, specifications, photos, reviews and scanning the entire ecosystem for understanding. I’m now forced to be educated and learn how to create my work, almost as working by his side again. Just as I always wanted. *Positive chills crawling up my back while reading this to myself*

Some of my most recent posts on Instagram and Dribbble

Finding secret power sources

To finish off, I believe that things could obtain as much value and meaning as we put into them. Vehicles may seem to be nothing for many but almost everything for some. Nothing is too big or too small – The deepest meaning of things is what it’s all about and what essentially becomes your secret power bank to bring on your big journey around the world.

Thanks for reading!
It was a pleasure to share and I really wanted to write together this post to share my very deep reasons behind my everyday creations.


Pontus Wellgraf

Pontus Wellgraf

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