It’s easy to get stuck in old habits and mindsets

When your every day life starts to go on repeat and in circles in the way you think and act, it’s difficult to reboot to something else. For a long time now I have got the feeling of getting stuck in an old character and ready to be updated. I have been seeking for photos of me but I just haven’t been satisfied enough with them. I have never been really satisfied with photos of myself but that’s a thing I’m looking to improve. I believe that it’s much about confidence and your assessment of yourself.

Small things can make big changes

Finally a better profile picture got snapped during a trip to Ocean Beach for some photography and video recordings and right after this small but clear change, I feel that I got a restart somehow. It’s really a new updated face of yourselves outwards, open for new mindsets to be embraced with an updated character. It felt just as good as when you get a new update to Sketch with tons of new features and bug fixes. It’s often the small small things that could change something old to the better.

Pontus Wellgraf

Pontus Wellgraf

Visual Experience Designer from Sweden. Passionately crafting interfaces & user experiences.