A designer is constantly in cooperation with project managers, solution leads, directors and other co-workers. We all know that it’s challenging with clients, briefs, deliverables, tight deadlines and to keep the team together. Despite this understanding, it often seems like many people simply don’t understand that they have to improve themselves in order to perform this role properly.

In my opinion and experience, the biggest frustration is often how you are being treated and directed by managers. I do also believe that any obstacle is easy to overcome if there’s leadership of such excellent class that can manage all this.

I have always been a creatively driven person. In projects, I’m often seeking for a producing role of any kind and I’m very satisfied when I both deliver progress to a project and when I feel that I do so. The delivery of sketches, concepts, interfaces, app screens and so on is a clear proof that you are getting somewhere. I think that this goes together with my urge for doing the walking instead of just talking.

So far, I haven’t approached myself to become a project manager but I’m absolutely certain that I will be one day. Either when I get the opportunity given to me or when I take it myself. Until then, I find it very interesting and developing to study others trying to do this job and I can fairly say that I often see more things that are wrong than right. No total blame though because it’s hard and I have respect for that. However, I’ll make sure that I’m not doing the mistakes I’ve observed and experienced.

Let’s share my value propositions of a manager and relate this to my own abilities.


Such popular word, yet so complex for many. I believe that communication is a big key of life. In any situation, you need to be able to communicate, listen, reflect and express. Many people that I’m surrounded with act as if this wasn’t that important but I agree to the opposite.


What’s the different between a boss and a leader? How can I become a leader? These are also very popular words, especially on LinkedIn and articles all over the internet talking about leadership and how we all should seek to become one. I think the main problem here is that the hierarchy sets the unconscious game rules of worthiness and roles. I believe in flat organizations and that everyone’s voice is as important. In reality, it’s all about gaining as much points as you can towards your leader and viola, you have earned the extra attention that will make you a senior favorite.

Much more to be added, to be continued..

Pontus Wellgraf

Pontus Wellgraf

Visual Experience Designer from Sweden. Passionately crafting interfaces & user experiences.