A s much as I think that email is ineffective and a tedious thing, it’s something I deal with constantly every day and needs to be easy to use. I may perhaps be one of the minority who use Apple’s own Mail app, but because of the iCloud integration it was the smoothest application to use at that time and which I have been stuck with since then.

Recently the app received an update that ruined my whole way of using the app which creates enormous frustration when doing such a simple thing as checking your emails. Apple and their clever people has decided that the arrow controls in the top bar in a detail view for an email is not longer going to be up and down, but left and right. This makes no sense since the previous inbox list view is presented vertically.

Here’s the problem illustrated

Mail inbox
Today there’s left and right arrows which makes no sense and doesn’t follow the interaction structure. Instead, here it should be up and down arrows for navigating through emails since the list view is vertically presented

The problem is basically that the intended interaction is wrong and the arrow is now just pointing in illogical directions.

How is it possible that a company like Apple could do something like this?

This is why I find it difficult Believing in big companies industry positions

Pontus Wellgraf

Pontus Wellgraf

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