It’s easy to change behaviours and actions when you are forced to but difficult if it was a choice, right?

Disclaimer: This post is purposed to share a specific perspective and reflection, rather than education and trusted



I hope that everyone is safe and secured in our current global COVID-19 situation. Epidemics are extremely tragic and as we are currently experiencing can cause so much damage on a global level. The top priority for us now is to be united and fight through this together.



Major global actions are put in place to ease the impact of our current pandemic. It’s incredible to see how everyone now comes together and makes their part to make it through this both in the short-term as in the long-term.



Now, I wanted to speak my mind what makes this whole situation frustrating. It’s not about the actions that are actually taken but how lack of actions there’s been up until this point where we suddenly go into a crisis. Now is the best time to publicly shine as a business and really speak as if you care for your people and that you value their health over anything else, despite your previous actions.

  • It’s a perfect time for Facebook to give away free advertisements for the best use possible: For the World Health Organization to promote crucial information.
  • It’s a perfect time for Amazon to recall fake products and take down thousands of listings that price gouging their customers.
  • It’s a perfect time for Apple to donate to the Coronavirus relief efforts in China.
  • It’s a perfect time for Google to build a brand new product that helps to identify patients faster and more accurately.
  • It’s a perfect time for Amazon, Uber, Salesforce, and Cisco etc. to make sure that their wage/hourly-paid workers are properly financed due to this outbreak.
  • It’s a perfect time for the President and USA to offer free Coronavirus testing and waive out-of-pocket costs for everyone.


If you can take all these actions now, why didn’t you do that before?

If there wasn’t any virus now…

  • Wouldn’t we improve our hygiene?
  • Wouldn’t we get remote work possibilities?
  • Wouldn’t your employer invest in you and your health as a priority?
  • Wouldn’t health care policies and costs be improved?
  • Wouldn’t we minimize our flights and travel habits?
  • Wouldn’t we think about what we should and shouldn’t eat?
  • Wouldn’t we block spam content and ban price gauging?
  • Wouldn’t we build new hospitals and crucial infrastructure in a matter of days?


All these actions are truly fantastic and the only right things to do, but I can’t ignore the fact that I feel torn about if all these actions were chosen or in fact forced.

I now get emails every day from companies I otherwise never hear from, stating how much they care about me and what great offer or action they want to give me now in relief of the virus. They talk about many precautions for managing my food order. They talk about how they lower the pricing for my software pricing. They even talk about how they offer employees extra paid time off through a fund to support their workers. I think that we should always think about our health, our allowed work flexibility, our employers taking care of us, our travel habits, our market ethics and general humility to each other. With this, I hope that credits go primarily to those businesses and individuals that actively choose to take action and change, and not those who follow along for public appeal when the spotlight now inevitably is on them.

Do we really need to be in a crisis in order to show humility to each other?

Stay safe and take care of each other. Just like before.

Pontus Wellgraf

Pontus Wellgraf

Visual Experience Designer from Sweden. Passionately crafting interfaces & user experiences.