L ately, I have been questioning if big companies actually are as great and perfect as they often are acting as and claimed to be. This is often a topic of my thoughts with a lot of things to be explained so I will do my best to share the reason of my doubtfulness.

The urge to question the standards

I think that my opinion includes the feeling of skepticism and boldness to question the standards. Today, we are surrounded by huge corporations as big players in the tech and design industry. They often set the standards of our product experiences and this for the good and the bad, of course. My first example of one of these players is Apple. I believe that Apple creates great products with beautiful industrial design that are appealing for almost everyone. However, I do believe that they have become too big for their own best. Myself as a consumer really want to buy a fantastic experience, wouldn’t it then the best strategy to include the customers transparently in the product development and decision making? What I’m talking about here is something that LeEco recently said during a Live stream when launching their new user-centric ecosystem.

“Instead of making products and services for you, we make them with you”

This is something that excites me and a “disruptor” like this is something that I personally would switch to any day of the week now. They are talking about the true value for me as a consumer when buying products and experiences. It all should be for me and what I want, not for me what the companies want.

Destroyed experiences because of forced needs

I already use Snapchat as my every day life sharing platform, so when Facebook copies the entire function of Stories, they are destroying my experiences of the Facebook Messenger app which has always been a huge part of my general communication. There’s no chance in the world that I will start using this feature, ever. But still, there’s no option for me to remove the function, bring back all the vital content space that you’ve been taking away from my experience or keeping me satisfied overall. At this point, I’m starting to get a feeling and need for abandonment.

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What do you think of big companies industry positions?

Pontus Wellgraf

Pontus Wellgraf

Visual Experience Designer from Sweden. Passionately crafting interfaces & user experiences.