Ever since I started my career as a creative, I have had an interest of how to brand and market oneself in the industry. I find it very important to have a proper strategy, presentation, and identity in order to grow and build a powerful network.

The Beginning

In my early years, I began as a pure graphic designer by mostly creating photo manipulations and digital artworks in Photoshop. I enjoyed combining graphics into creative pieces and to get better every day. My last name, Wellgraf, is a unique one where only my family possesses it which have made me to always be cautious regarding privacy and to not exploit my name absolutely everywhere. So, I realized that I should create a brand name for myself and my professional business which I could stand behind and build up without affecting my own personal identity.

Wellgraf + Graphic = Wellgraphic

The Evolvement To More Than Just Graphics

With time, I expanded my areas of profession and today I’m active in many different practices. With a growing focus on areas like interface design, user experience, and animation, my name Well(graphic) is not as representative anymore. I want a name that can represent whatever I choose to pursue and be 100% consistent with my identity, presentation, and social accounts.

A Long-awaited Change

For many years now, I have been wondering about this rebranding, the pros and cons of making a change and what would be the ideal approach for me. In general, changes could be scary since you don’t know what to come but knowing what has been. However, change is often very important which got me started off smoothly by changing all my descriptions on my social profiles from Wellgraphic to Pontus Wellgraf to begin the transition to a new approach.

Becoming Even More Personal

When I think of personal, transparent, sharing and caring I think of people. So the best way to be personal is to be a person. My previous identity, Wellgraphic, does sound more like a company than a person and the wording “Well”graphic is rather special if you don’t know the connection to my Wellgraf last name. I want to become even closer to the people around me and optimize the way I’m being perceived. I want people to understand that I’m a person, rather than a company.

Rebranding Animation

This is really explaining what I mean with that Wellgraphic is “Not as representative anymore”. I do a lot of things today and there’s a lot of things I would like to do next!


I hope that this rebranding will become successful in terms of consistency and personality. I’m really excited to interact fully as a person, even though I’m still running my own contracting as usual! I’m currently working to find all links that are needed to change in order to avoid broken pages. But if you would end up on one — Search for Wellgraf instead!

Pontus Wellgraf

Pontus Wellgraf

Visual Experience Designer from Sweden. Passionately crafting interfaces & user experiences.