4th September 2017

A Needed Personal Rebranding

Ever since I started my career as a creative, I have had an interest of how to brand and market oneself in the industry. I find it very important to…
19th April 2017

How I would be as a project manager

A designer is constantly in cooperation with project managers, solution leads, directors and other co-workers. We all know that it’s challenging with clients, briefs, deliverables, tight deadlines and to keep…
14th April 2017

Happy Birthday Dad and Thank You for the mindset

Today is your birthday Dad More exact, it would have been your 60 years old birthday. This day we would have celebrated with you, everyone you knew, we knew, for…
13th April 2017

Is my website about me or what other wants?

I have created plenty of websites and portfolios, both for clients and myself. One thing that always comes up is the hesitation or argument wether the possible employers won't like…
10th April 2017

Believing in big companies industry positions

L ately, I have been questioning if big companies actually are as great and perfect as they often are acting as and claimed to be. This is often a topic of…
4th April 2017

New profile gave me a restart

It's easy to get stuck in old habits and mindsets When your every day life starts to go on repeat and in circles in the way you think and act, it's…
12th October 2016

Current Issue with the iOS Mail App

A s much as I think that email is ineffective and a tedious thing, it's something I deal with constantly every day and needs to be easy to use. I may perhaps…
24th September 2016

Protected: User Experience With My 97y/o Grandpa

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